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Dr. Lisa Wong
Reliable. Professional. Friendly.


Angela L. Reed

President, Owner

Dental services the way it should be.

Hawaii Dental Clinic was started by Dr Roger Wong my father, now retired. From an early age Dr Lisa could be seen helping her dad around the dental office, meeting patients and witnessing outstanding dental care. She quickly developed a love for art and wanted to use that love and passion to change the dental world. Dr Lisa graduated from Tufts University dental school and joined Dr Roger Wong until his retirement. Dr Lisa saw such a need for excellent dental care she and partnered with associates to open multiple locations throughout Oahu and Maui. Dr. Lisa continues her passion incorporating art and dentistry caring for patients.

At each Hawaii Dental clinic location, you will find focused Comprehensive Family Dental. Each office provides individualized attention with care provided directly by experienced, licensed Hawaii dentists. Due to our intimate size, all dental services are offered by your personal dentist.

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